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You can tell I'm bored because I'm on LJ again

Had a cycling accident and broke my left arm, it is super rubbish. :| What's worse is that I don't get a cast because of where the break is, so it's just flapping around in a sling, and let me tell you, there are a LOT of involuntary motions in your arm that I could do without right now.

Obligatory (and incomplete) list of things I cannot currently do:

- Tie my own shoelaces
- butter bread
- crack eggs
- cook eggs
- use a pepper grinder (breakfast was a learning experience today)
- carry anything around my own flat because the doors are heavy and snap shut
- type with any sort of speed or proper capitalisation
- sleep properly
- play 95% of computer games
- get up or sit down without shitty amounts of pain
- sit at a computer for any length of time or properly work my tablet
- wear a jacket properly
- pick things up off the floor
- get money out of my wallet
- cut up food

Blowing my nose is also surprisingly difficult, but I think I've almost got a handle on it, which is good because I have a cold. Similarly with buttoning jeans up. God dammit. Again, I wish I had a cast, because half of this is limited mobility, but the other half is pain from accidentally shifting around - sleeping and using the computer especially. I didn't get a prescription for painkillers either, what a rip-off

The flip side of this is that the accident wasn't anyone's fault but my own (I braked too hard going down a hill and flipped over the handlebars) but damn. This sucks. stupid me. But also my flatmates are being really nice and helpful about it all, which is why I get to have cooked eggs on toast rather than egg splattered all over my kitchen in sheer frustration. One of them went to the fracture clinic with me too. I have good friends.

Though having said that, I did get stuck in the hall earlier when my dressing gown got trapped in the kitchen door (they all snap shut, why do they all snap shut) and I was holding a cup of tea. There was nowhere I could set it down. What followed was a good minute of me just standing there going " how is this my life?" before flatmate Mike showed up, assessed the situation, pissed himself laughing and opened the kitchen door for me. I can't blame him, it was fucking funny, but still fuck this
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Ok, this was all a bit of a mess, but I'll try to keep it succinct - Nomad Chronicle (which is where Red Moon Rising was hosted) got lolhaxed some time on Friday. After much poking of the debris along with adifferentdrum I decided it might be a good idea to finally get my own hosting sorted out, especially since it was a security gap on a statcounter on my site that brought the whole collective down.

Long story short, Red Moon Rising has moved permanently to and I spent my entire Saturday coding. Hoorayyyy
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Oh mah guhhh

Heyyy livejournal! D: I thought this might happen, I ended up getting utterly overwhelmed by the whole page-a-day thing and stopped posting updates on my journal. I suppose you'll just have to believe me when I say I've done a majillionty eleven pages since I last updated. Site's over here if you want to see them, as per usual.

To sort of make up for it I'm posting the first piece of drawing I've done this month that isn't a comic page. I'm using it as a vote incentive over on the main site, but I thought posting it here would be a good idea too. It's pretty wide, so here's a cropped and shrunk version, with the full painting under the cut.

Collapse )

I've been gawking at lots of really cool black and white photography recently, and it hit me that early photography is totally the kind of thing they would have in Red Moon Rising, at least within Ashul. I decided to paint a younger version of Adrianna, before she went around punching hapless young officers in the face, and when she was actually in the military herself.

I think I've gotten better at painting faces, though there's still a ways to go, but I reckon the most interesting thing is that this was all done with a super soft fuzzy airbrush. I always thought those were really useless for painting, but I guess that shows what I know. It made the painting process really slick and easy, especially for the hair.
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Pages 40-43

Who's rubbish at remembering to update their livejournal?





I aammmm. The new schedule's going pretty well so far, though. I've just fallen a bit behind with the LJ notifications due to the sheer frequency of them, which I guess isn't such a bad reason.
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Page 36

The start of chapter 3 and also the start of a new update schedule for June - new pages every week day! I assume I'm going to spend July passed out somewhere.

Considering how drastically increased the update frequency is going to be, I'm considering stopping these LJ update reminders, especially since I'll be posting pages over at nanomango too - anyone who's watching both me and nanomango will be getting like... double spam. Not sure yet.